Diploma Course

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
About the Program

Certificate course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) provides comprehensive training to students in the field of AI and ML through interactions, projects, presentations, practical training, and job orientation.

The course is perfectly designed for aspiring AI experts, ML developers, and Data Scientists and Analysts.

ML developers and Data Scientists are known to excel at automation, predictive analytics, and data dash boarding that help in company's decision making tasks.

They are expected to take the appropriate decision at the right time and ensure that the same are implemented properly.

The course allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to assume AI expert positions in wide range organizations.

Salient features:
  • Focused learning in AIML.
  • Application oriented teaching-learning.
  • Insights to various ML and data analytics techniques.
  • Hands on programming using Python.
  • Hands on teaching of various AI software.

The course focuses on practical, real-life application of ML, deep learning, and data science concepts underpinned by academic theory and research, preparing the student for success anywhere in the world.

The objective of introducing this course is to enable self-employment and provide skilled professionals in the field of AI to organizations.

A blend of interactions, presentations, projects, industrial visits, and practical training is used to build the skillset of students for producing innovative solutions to problems, applying research skills to build AI-based solutions.

Duration: 6 months

Data acquisition and cleaning, to build and understand the concepts and procedures of machine learning.

Perform planning, designing, implementing and testing phases of AI product and create actual product development and testing.

Understand problem definition and help in building automated solution and data visualization for Industry's decision making.

After the completion of certificate course on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, candidates will have various career options to choose from.

Listed below are some of the popular job roles for AI certified graduates are:

  • Artificial Intelligence Expert
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst

Some of the other career options that candidates can pursue after course completion are:

  • Full-stack Data Engineer
  • Data Visualization Expert
  • B.E./B.Tech. in any branch of engineering.
  • Candidates with BSc, MSc, BCA, MCA.
  • AMIE in any branch of engineering.
  • Diploma in any branch of engineering.

Total Credits: 20 and duration 6 months

Sr. No. Module Total (Hrs/Week) Credits Total Credits
Artificial Intelligence

Concept, issues, terminologies, challenges, supervised/unsupervised/reinforcement learning, classification & regression, AI pipeline, AI ethics

20 30 25 75 03
Mathematics for Machine Learning

Linear algebra, multivariate calculus, probability and statistics, gradient descent, principal component analysis, least square analysis

20 30 25 75 03
Python Programming

Data types, operators, loops, conditional branches, visualization, numerical & statistical analysis, discriminative analysis, libraries

20 30 25 75 03
Machine learning and deep learning

Linear & logistic regression, support vector machine, artificial neural network, random forest, k-means clustering, convolution neural network

20 30 25 75 03

Face recognition, customer churn detection, income classification, bank fraud detection, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, music generation

- - 50 50 08
Grand Total Credits 20

Examination will be conducted as multiple choice questions(MCQs)/Assignments/Case study problems

Sr. No. Module Examination Scheme
1 Artificial Intelligence 20 30 25 75
2 Mathematics for Machine Learning 20 30 25 75
3 Python Programming 20 30 25 75
4 Machine learning and deep learning 20 30 25 75
5 Project-based Case studies - - 50 50
Total 80 120 150 350

Rs. 65000 only.

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