Certificate Program

Sports Law in India

Sports Law in India course aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the complex legal landscape that governs the world of sports within the Indian context.

  • To provide insights into the contractual, commercial and intellectual property aspects of sports law.
  • To analyse the ethical, gender related, and discrimination issues prevalent in sports domain.
  • To offer participants a platform to engage in discussion about dispute resolution mechanism in sports.
  • To familiarise participants with legal principles & regulations governing sports in India.
  • To explore the diverse legal issues and challenges faced by sports person in India.

Duration: 3 months

Sports Law in India certification course is a 3 months online program.

Duration: 3 months

Unit/Module Description Duration/No. of Hrs
1 The world of sports law: An Introduction session 04
2 Legal rights and duties of sports person 04
3 Sports Contract: Intricacies and Challenges 04
4 Business & Trade in Sports 04
5 Sports Regulation and Governance in India 04
6 Sports & Intellectual Property 04
7 Media & Sports 04
8 Gender, Caste & Racial discrimination in sports 04
9 Liability in Sports 04
10 Agency in Sports Law 04
11 Dispute resolution in Sports 04
12 Sports Gambling: Law & Policy 04
13 Ethical Issue in Sports 04
14 Career Opportunities in Sports Law and Sports Business & Management 04

Rs. 45000 only.

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