Webinar Schedule MBA

Time table will be updated on every Thursday
Date Time Name of the Teacher Course Topic
24/09/2022 05:00 PM Amitab Sir MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) Performance Management Implementation
24/09/2022 04:00 PM Rehmatulla Sir MBA in Logistic & Supply Chain Management (LSM) Introduction To Logistic
24/09/2022 03:00 PM Snehal Maam MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management (HHM) Introduction To Public Health
24/09/2022 02:00 PM Madan Sir MBA in Hospitality Management (HM) Work Flow of Rooms Division Department
24/09/2022 01:00 PM Shital Maam MBA in Sales and Marketing (SM) Introduction to Services Marketing
23/09/2022 07:00 PM Harshal Sir MBA in Sales and Marketing (SM) Strategic Management
23/09/2022 06:00 PM Harshal Sir MBA in Sales and Marketing (SM) Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Management

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