D.Y.Patil University offers students advanced, easy to understand, comprehensive student friendly study material. This material can be accessed online as well as offline.

Our honourable chancellor, Dr. Vijay Patil envisions a dream of providing excellent education endowed with world class facilities , latest technology and e infrastructure to the youth of the whole world. In his pursuit of turning this dream into reality, he has left no stone unturned in ensuring a fully equipped and advanced ICT system of teaching and learning at the university. An ICT equipped methodology is adopted for delivering both the graduate degree programs that are being offered by the university. Some of the tools which are embedded in the teaching methodology are as follows :

Online Reading Material:

The university provides structures and extensive reading material of each subject on the online portal. This material can be accessed by a student anywhere at anytime, by logging onto the student portal on the university website.
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Recorded Lectures:

The university is dedicated to make the student learning process smooth and effective. It strives to make a student feel comfortable and at ease with all the subjects. In order to accomplish this, the university offers the facility of recorded lectures. In these lectures, pre-recorded videos of different topics in the respective subjects are put up on the website which the students can access by logging on to their student portal. These lectures are delivered by noted academicians who specialise in the respective subjects.

Student-Faculty Interaction:

The university facilitates direct contact between the faculty and the students. It provides the students with an exclusive chat window on the student portal through which they can contact their respective faculties and address their queries directly to them. The university also ensures that the queries are resolved within 24-48 hours.

Course of Action:

The university also provides a roadmap to the students. This contains the list of the subjects, assignments and the schedules of submitting the same. It also includes checkpoints for each subjects in order to ensure fool proof learning of the students.

Virtual Data Accession:

The university taps all the extant sources of program related and industry oriented information available on the internet. This can be in the form of vlogs, blogs, e-books, articles, e-newspapers, speech etc. It also includes research papers that have been published online.

Application based Assignments:

The university ensures that the students get the opportunity of putting their theoretical knowledge into practice. This is achieved through situation based assignments, also referred to as case studies. In these, the students are given an industry specific, subject related, real time situation. The students are expected to study the situation and come up with the optimal solution on the basis of their understanding of the subject.
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Power Point Presentations:

One of the most essential tools of comprehensive learning, detailed power point presentations of each and every unit in all the subjects of all the programs are provided in the students portal. These presentations are custom made by the faculties and ensure wholesome learning of the students.
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