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Welcome to D. Y. Patil University, a place that is not only happening in all respects but also offers cerebral delights that ensure a refined and enriching life experience, that leads to the achievement of the desired goals and aspirations. You are here to scale new heights and reach the pinnacle of success and accomplishments. D. Y. Patil Deemed to be university is renowned for its academic excellence and innovative teaching methodology. Education and learning imparted here are world-class, coupled with excellent infrastructural facilities. The renowned philanthropist educationalist Dr. D. Y. Patil has contributed significantly to expand and raise the level of education and healthcare in India. A truly world-class educational institution with solid-state of the art infrastructure, D .Y. Patil University stands to be one of the best in the country.

The University has a curriculum designed by experts that can prepare students for leadership roles in society. The principal objective of the courses offered here is to provide a solid foundation for the students’ future, keeping in mind the constantly growing needs and challenges of the industry and society. The programs offered here, are not just static set of directives for the present, but a dynamic framework of analytical skills and intellectual tools that will be as valuable twenty years hence, as they are, immediately after graduation.

There is no area in the field of education which has been left untouched by our founder President Dr. D. Y. Patil, as he is the pioneer and with his unique vision and foresight, has created this world-class University. This legacy is being carried forward by our dynamic President, Dr. Vijay D. Patil, who is relentlessly striving to bring the University at par with the renowned universities of the world. His iconoclastic vision is gradually transforming his dreams into reality. We offer exclusive academic programs in various realms of education.

We are now all set to venture into online education to carry the legacy of ‘accessible education’ forward. An emergent trend in the landscape of academics which a lot of individuals, professionals, students are opting for is online education. This approach helps harness their optimum potential which is carefully designed optimally curated academic programs. We aim to offer the best academic exposure to people.

The latest addition to its ever-expanding arsenal of Schools is the DY Patil University Online. Under the aegis of this school are programs such as MBA, BBA with multiple specializations in Sales, Finance, Logistics, Hospitality, Healthcare etc. and B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies. DYPU Online Business Programs are designed to provide students with a broad-based and strong business foundation, in preparation for a successful career in the global business world.

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